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Three weeks ago... Shoving four dollar bills through the slot to the woman behind the bulletproof glass, I say "Two tokens please." "Tokens?" The attitude hits me, and then I remember. I am handed a Metrocard instead. Ah, yes. No longer does the New York City Subway run on tokens anymore. I have been away for so long now, I forget that things have changed. They always do. "The only constant is change." - BT Summer in New York. Return to my roots. The first thing that always hits me when I walk off the plane is the smell. And the humidity. L.A. this ain't. Then, it's the same: I maneuver my way through foot traffic to reach the curbside area so I can jump into my father's moving Nissan as my parents inch their way pass taxis and driverless limos. Hugs and kisses will have to wait once we reach the Thruway Diner for a late-night nosh and park the car. And things have indeed changed... Trump is building more skyscrapers in my &q