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...And on the Seventh Day God Created Coachella

Lessons learned this past weekend: 1. Kanye West enjoys A-Ha's "Take On Me" and can pull off a mean Molly Ringwald two-step. 2. Sigur Ros is a moody Icelandic band that will never be found on my iPod. 3. Daft Punk = sonic orgasm. If you have the chance to see them spin live, do so. 4. The Del Taco outside Palm Springs has shitty 24-hour drive-thru service. 5. The lead singer of Franz Ferdinand can channel Jim Morrison very nicely. 6. Depeche Mode is genuinely awesome, and Dave Gahan rules. 7. After six straight hours of standing in a pit of sweat, shoving, and secondhand bong smoke, a beef gyro with teriyaki sauce and a cold bottle of Pepsi at 11:30pm is heaven on Earth. Somewhere, miles past Palm Springs, there's a place called Indio where tens of thousands of alternative music fans from across the Southwest gather on a vast desert field for the annual 2-day festival known as Coachella, a 21st-century Woodstock (only more corporate-driven and wi-fi-frien