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R.L. Stine Says 'Fear Street' TV Series "Might Be Pretty Close" to Happening

One of my literary idols, R.L. Stine, was recently interviewed on  HuffPost Live to answer questions from fans, wax nostalgic on the recording-breaking Goosebumps series, and promote the new season of The Haunting Hour premiering on the HUB in October. That's all fine and dandy, but what really perked up my ears was the mention of Fear Street ,    the YA horror series that practically defined the 90s for me . A new title, Party Games , is being released next week (I pre-ordered my copy back in July -- I don't play ), and this prompted a fan, @Blair_Hoyle , to ask about Fear Street being adapted for TV, an idea I've supported since the birth of The CW, a natural home for the series if there ever was one...and since I started writing my own pilot based on the scary goings-on in the town of Shadyside. See where the discussion leads to, starting at the 9:00 mark: Stine's answer is a tricky one. Yes, a movie studio owns the rights to Fear Street -- which tur

Revenge of the Husky

Husky . According to Wikipedia, it’s “a general name for a type of dog used to pull sleds in northern regions,” like Alaska. These canines are described as “energetic and athletic,” able to pull heavy loads through harsh, wintry terrain. “Husky” was also the name of the section in which I had to shop for my Catholic school uniforms at Liebman’s Children Clothing in my hometown. The store is somewhat of an institution, dressing thousands of boys and girls in southern Westchester County since 1927, so perhaps the term “husky” was an acceptable description back then for boys of the “big-boned” variety. Today it just seems like a blatantly polite substitute for “The Fat Kid Rack.” From the Husky Boys Clothes page on Land's End website. Is it me, or does nothing about this fair-haired young man say "husky"? Nothing makes you feel more insecure than your clothing size being ironically labeled after an "athletic" animal, and nothing makes you feel more li

The Truth About Carrie Bradshaw (And The Seemingly Fabulous Lives of Writers)

Sex and the City has been off the air for a decade now, but the fashionable trials and tribulations of Carrie Bradshaw and her trio of gal pals still live on in the hearts of many. Haters and cynics have been quick to criticize how the show unrealistically portrayed the lifestyle of a writer, particularly one who lives in Manhattan and manages to stock her closet with a plethora of designer labels. Throughout its six-season run, the show has vaguely attempted to justify Carrie's living situation. Her apartment has been described as rent-controlled. And... that's about it . Yes, her weekly newspaper column got turned into a book, and in season 5 she mentioned how thrilled she was to write for Vogue at $4.25 a word, a pay rate that is practically unheard of in today's world where print is a dying medium ( less readers = less advertisers = less money ) and online journalism is mostly built on a foundation of volunteer (i.e. non-paying) work. And really, how long doe

10 Songs Perfect For Crying Alone On Your Bathroom Floor

We've all had those bad days, those depressing times when we needed a good cry, to unabashedly feel sorry for ourselves, to feel like the world is covered by one giant, dark cloud that is about to unleash a shitstorm of pain and heartache. Fall is upon us, nights will grow longer, and we all know how people's moods tend to change along with the leaves. So why not have a soundtrack to accompany those miserably melancholy moments? Grab a bottle of red, keep some Kleenex nearby, and let it all out: 1. "Why" by Annie Lennox - Why? Because its somber orchestration perfectly captures the mood of someone who needs to let go of all the bad shit that's been festering inside. The song simply facilitates release, an emotional purge everyone needs every now and then. Also? It accompanies one of the best scenes in 1995's Boys on the Side . 2. "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell (the 2001 version) - A great theme song for regret. It goes well with a

My 700th Post: I Said Yes!

699 blog posts later, and here we are. The above meme is a result of an idea I had while eyeing some Ring Pops in CVS last night on the way home from work. For anyone who can't take another engagement ring photo on their Facebook feed. You're welcome. @TheFirstEcho   Um, PS - I don't really have diabetes.

LABOR DAZE: The 2014 Summer Playlist, Vol. 3

Goodbye, Summer of 2014. Thank you for giving us some great beach weather, Chris Pratt, and enough Ice Bucket Challenges to last until the next charity-driven meme turns into another viral gimmick. But before you go, let's celebrate you one more time before we all start to stress out over our Halloween costumes... 1. "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj 2. "Big Girls Cry" by Sia 3. "This Is How We Do" by Katy Perry 4. "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor - 5. "Classic" by The Knocks feat. Powers 6. "Paralyzed" by BT feat. Christian Burns: 7. "It Was Always You" by Maroon 5 8. "Everything You Wanted" by Clubfeet: 9. "Lovers on the Sun" by David Guetta feat. Sam Martin 10. "One More Day" by Example 11. "Do or Die (Stay With Me)" by Afrojack & Thirty Seconds to Mars 12. "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj 13. "Ordin

Song of the Month: September 2014

Too bad this sumptuous jam didn't drop earlier this summer. But no bother. If you're looking for a tune to close out The Summer of 2014, look no further. The Knocks (a.k.a. Ben "B-Roc" Suttner and James "J-Patt" Patterson - not to be confused with the bestselling crime novelist ) have crafted a fine, groovetastic number called "Classic" featuring vocals from some chick who goes by the name Powers. Enjoy the hell out of this one, kids: *Also, you've probably noticed that I've taken out the word "Theme" in the above headline and abbreviated this series of posts as "Song of the Month." It's just better, no? And yes, it helps with search engine optimization purposes. @TheFirstEcho