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Impeachment Souvenirs

I wonder how many of these I'd sell in a week... ( Available in all sizes! ) Other copy includes: "Team Pelosi," "Proud Presidential Harrasser," and "Donald Dump." @TheFirstEcho

There's A Town Named After Me That I Need To Visit

The full article, about Area 51 raiders filling up a small Nevada town, can be found here . I mean, imagine all the Instagrams I could take there! @TheFirstEcho

#TBT: Parties, Porn Stars, and Pilot Season

My series of throwback blogs continues, excavated from my personal archives. These were originally sent as e-mails to friends and family back home, life updates from Los Angeles filled with humble brags made by an insufferable twentysomething... Subject: Diary of the Funemployed Sent: June 8, 2005 "Don't you know the finest things in the world  are written on a empty stomach?" - Sunset Boulevard May 2, 2005... The Young Hollywood Awards. Again. Why oh why? Someone should tell Lindsay Lohan that coke whore chic is so 2001. On the other hand, Marcia Cross looked stunning. Eva Longoria is teeny (girl is a size 0). Jesse Metcalfe was a walking, talking Hollywood cliché (blazer, jeans, smirk and all). Ann Margaret looked...old (receiving a Trailblazer award). Dennis Quaid brushed against my shoulder. Chris Evans brought his posse from Boston. Gwen Stefani showed up without Gavin. Aisha Tyler was our host for a third time, but it wasn't the charm; her w

SAVOIR FAIRE: The 2019 Fall Playlist

From the looks of the above cover I quickly designed, you'd think this was a country album. Far from it . My latest seasonal playlist has a few surprises up its cardigan sleeves: a new track from Alessia Cara that's unlike anything she's ever put out ("October"), the latest from my favorite 2000s band, Keane ("Love Too Much"), a jam from Armin Van Buuren that resonates more than it should ("Waking Up With You"), and plenty of retro synth pop to keep you pining for the 80s. Grab your maple scones and turn up the volume, kids. @TheFirstEcho

Song of the Month: September 2019

For the first time ever, my Song of the Month isn't some hot, new track from an up-and-coming artist. It isn't even a track featured on my playlist for the 2019 fall season. I'm going back to 2006 and revisiting one of my favorite bands of all-time, Keane. "A Bad Dream" is taken from the group's fantastic sophomore album, Under The Iron Sea , and 13 years later, it holds up beautifully. The melancholy tune is lifted by frontman Tom Chaplin's dreamy vocals, accompanied by distorted pianos and soothing synths. It's the perfect song to keep on rotation while we transition into autumn. It's also capturing my current mood, thanks to some recent semi-heartache. Simply put: le sigh . @TheFirstEcho