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Every New Beginning...

You know that scene in the movie where the guy gets up from his desk and quits his job, storms out of his oppressive office, and basically tells all of his coworkers - especially his boss - that they can kiss his ass? That was me on the morning of January 25. Except, there was no dramatic walkout, no staplers thrown across the room, nor any angry proclamations made by the watercooler. After four-and-a-half years of experiencing the insanity, pressure and overall awesomeness of commercial production at Anonymous Content , I have decided to move on. If Oprah, Regis, and the president of Egypt can leave, then so can I (from now on, I'm considering 2011 the Year of Great Departures). The natural question on the lips of everyone who's known about my resignation is: What are you going to do next? (Translation: How are you ever going to afford your Prius payments, your lifestyle, your rent?) My answer, for lack of a better explanation, is: Everything. For those who don't liv

The Future of Music

With the current state of American pop music as it is, I've taken the liberty to jump ahead four years to see what we may be listening to on the radio. Laugh now, but hey, you never know... Click on the image to get a closer look:

Random Thought of the Week #20

If I were one of Angela Bower's snooty Connecticut neighbors I would be concerned about the type of company she keeps, especially the kind that repeatedly pulls up to her house in beaten-up vans with New York plates. There goes the neighborhood, am I right? Also, I used to love when 80s sitcoms retooled their theme songs as they neared the end of their run or entered a new decade, as seen here with the seventh-season theme to Who's the Boss? , possibly the most romantic and charming tune of them all. How did they 90s it up? With a little sax of course (along with new vocals): PS - Where is that neighborhood bicyclist now?

J.J. Abrams Knows My Childhood

Can the man who brought us Cloverfield and a new Star Trek do no wrong? (I'll let Morning Glory slide) The new teaser trailer for Super 8 , which debuted during That Football Game, proved that J.J. and good ol' Stevie Spielberg are attempting to make a generation of moviegoers revisit their childhoods and adolescences with this sci-fi thriller/adventure. These 30 seconds perfectly backed up the descriptions that have been leaking online about the film: It's a combo of Close Encounters , Stand by Me , E.T. , The Goonies and The X-Files . In other words, it's a much-needed cinematic throwback to movies that once instilled a sense of awe and wonder (and genuine scares) in audiences. (Just look at those shots. Just listen to that orchestrated score!) Whether or not that can be achieved with a 2011 crowd that's been gorging on comic-book movie after comic-book movie remains to be seen. I for one have put my faith in Mr. Abrams. At this point, if he were to direct a