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2008: REWIND

One could try to rhyme 2008 with cheap words like "great" and "celebrate," but they wouldn't do any justice because this year was so full of sweet and sour morsels that flavored our lives from January through December - it would require a ginormous task force to take one snapshot of all twelve eventful months. Lucky for you, I'm up for the challenge... Our dearly departed Heath Ledger became immortalized in the second-biggest motion picture in history. Miley Cyrus got naked. The 90s came back with a well-coiffed vengeance (the NKOTB reunion, the 90210 reboot, Neil Patrick Harris mania). Katy Perry kissed a girl...and a whole lotta people liked it. Gas reached five dollars a gallon. iTunes reached its 5-year anniversary. China rocked the Summer Olympics. A Depression rocked economy. Rihanna became Chris Brown's boo. Mariah became Nick Cannon's (explain that one to me again). A "man" got pregnant. A hockey mom saw Russia from her house

Breakout Artist of 2009?

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