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10 Great L.A. Movies

Trying to describe what it's like to live in Los Angeles is like trying to tie a knot with a fart - nearly impossible. Many have attempted to explain what it's like, often calling L.A. its own planet, which I totally get. Oftentimes I catch myself using the adjective schizophrenic , probably because of the multitude of attitudes that layer this city more than the smog that blankets it. Here, you'll find that in most circles transplants outnumber the natives, resulting in a mishmosh of values, personalities and Starbucks latte preferences. And the random physical landscape of the city couldn't reflect this more perfectly: beaches, ghetto alleyways, mountain trails, residential streets, deserts, strip malls - and that's all within an hour's drive. I've picked ten films that, for me at least, successfully encapsulate the L.A. experience. And after living here for six-plus years, I like to think that I have a firm grasp on what that's all about. These m

At Spike TV's SCREAM Awards

I recently got a shout-out on OhLaLa Magazine : It was for the kickass weekend I had at Spike TV's SCREAM Awards at the Greek Theater here in L.A. * Hanging with Seann William Scott and 90210's resident bad girl Annalynne McCord * Witnessing a Scream reunion between Wes Craven and Neve Campbell * Crowning a couple of Scream Queens My extensive coverage for Hot in Hollywood is up and running. Enjoy.

Return to the Prep: Part 2

Peeking into dark classrooms and wandering the trophy-lined hallways of Iona Prep on a Saturday night during the Class of '98 Reunion was - in the eloquent words of our valedictorian, Mark Michalowski - "a complete mindfuck." The flashbacks were in full swing as we four strolled past the rows of polished lockers (yes 4, out of the 198 who graduated ten years ago ) - homeroom shenanigans, beating deadlines for the school newspaper, inside jokes during AP Calculus (we bitchslapped logic proofs), rehearsing for weekend speech-and-debate tournaments in Room 209, the hot Italian teacher who had an affair with a senior after graduation... The reunion wasn't just all about us. The classes of '03, '93, '88, '83, and '78 were in attendance as well. The class of '03, fresh from college - not yet affected by "the real world" - were an eager bunch, enjoying the comeback, happily paying their respects to the school that had sent them off to