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Holy Sequel!

Summer has arrived in the form of a certain webslinging box-office record breaker, and it looks like the onslaught of can-you-top-this moneymakers won't stop there. Never has a summer movie season been so chock-full of sequels. Really. In the next couple of months, our great American megaplexes will be graced with the razzle-dazzle of fourteen (14!) sequels. That's 14 movies featuring the same characters, recycling the same magic tricks, the same jokes, and the same CGI wizardry contrived to Blow. Our. Freaking. Minds. And never have I been this apathetic about a summer movie season. Really. Spider-Man 3 ? As I type this, I still haven't seen it. Pirates 3 ? I'll go only to see my writing partner's name scroll by in the end credits. Shrek 3 ? I'll wait until all of the kiddies have cleared the theaters - Come on, how many times can Dreamworks bash Disney and make questionably witty pop-culture references (which is sooo 2002, no?). All three of these films a