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A Fine '09: Winter 2009

This playlist is long overdue, and for that I apologize. I realize y'all have been songless for the past two months, but the wait is over ( I like to imagine there's a ton of y'all out there eagerly awaiting my seasonal compilations with anticipation ). Here's a soundtrack to help you get through all of the broken New Year's resolutions, all of the winter chills and all of the economy-related stress. Sealed and approved by yours truly: 1. "Girl Next Door" by Darin - Get past the "Just Dance" rip-off and imagine the whole thing choregraphed at a senior prom in a number that would make HSM3 look like a cheesy theme park attraction . Listen HERE . 2. "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson 3. "Give It To Me Right" by Melanie Fiona 4. "Kiss You All Over" by Danny: 5. "Halo" by Beyonce 6. "If U Seek Amy" by Britney Spears 7. "Love Lockdown (LMFAO Electro Remix)" by K

Here We Are

As I stepped out of the Coffee Bean at Beverly and Robertson and into the toasty 80-degree January sunshine, I tried to bypass the scurrying paparazzi on the sidewalk in between sips of my ice-blended mocha which nearly splashed all over the Prada purse that came within a few centimeters from slapping me in the face. The unemployed and apparently careless actress who was walking ahead of me was probably in a rush to hop in her IS Coupe and hit the new Kitson on Melrose. Ah, to be back in L.A.... After more than three weeks into the new year, I have adjusted to being back in Los Angeles after my longest holiday visit to New York since 2004. I am readjusting to a day without treating myself to a 12-hour DVD marathon on the couch. I am readjusting to a diet that doesn't consist of chips and dip, sugar cookies and sweet potato pecan pie. And I am happily readjusting to a climate without wind chills below zero (sorry new H&M scarf - back in the closet you go). I don't have

Freaking Out

I thought to myself, Do a little browsing on Amazon, see what new releases are coming out soon... Then, I saw these. And then, I had to suppress a squeal while doing my best not to overdo the Happy Dance in my chair. I can see that my spring will be taken up with several trips to my favorite cul-de-sac and apartment complex in L.A. Finally, after one long-ass wait, I can relive the treachery and the bitchery...To all my 50-year-old housewives out there, ya feel me? Amanda Woodward and Abby Cunningham, how I've missed you so. H.P.M.

New Year, New Music

Let the downloading begin... Check out my newbies of '09 at Hot in Hollywood .