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DH 4

It's a long and winding road to Wisteria Lane...


Our 2007 American Idol, Jordin Sparks, has released her first single from her debut so-mass-produced-it's-gonna-appeal-to-everyone album. It's called "Tattoo." In a nutshell: it's a JoJo-esque "Irreplaceable" knockoff. Do we likey? Very much so. Sample it here:

Play It

My third entry is up on Hot In Hollywood TV:

Debt to Society

Birthday party. Screening in Hollywood. Afterparty. Afterwork drinks. Friday cocktail party. Dinner in Santa Monica ... I am trying to remember a time when my life was one non-stop social scene after another, and when I do, I realize the memories are so vivid... Probably because it was just several days ago . Hot in Hollywood 2007 has come and gone, and if you don't know what that is, then clearly you haven't stepped foot near a Myspace bulletin or been on the receiving end of one of my email blasts searching for volunteers and soliciting tickets to possibly one of the hottest Saturday nights of the summer. We put on a good show. Jerry O'Connell dressed in drag. America Ferrera "played" the trumpet. Jamie Pressly serenaded Milo Ventimiglia. And Ugly Betty 's Becki Newton emulated Barbra Streisand while Michael Urie did his best Neil Diamond. Also attending was Sandy Mitsuzuka. My mother made the trip out to L.A. to see her talented, popular son and ex

Feel the Heat

We're 3 days away now... The excitement builds. The stress rises. The right outfit needs to be chosen. Get your ass a ticket, and we'll see you soon.

Rocket Science

This little gem of an indie, poised to be this year's Little Miss Sunshine , opens tomorrow (August 10), and I am proud to say it comes from one of our brilliant clients here at Anonymous, writer-director Jeff Blitz (also the winner of the Directing Award at Sundance this year). If you were in Manhattan yesterday, you may have been lucky enough to catch the caravan of yellow school buses carrying premiere guests to the afterparty. Buy your tickets now, won't you? Watch the trailer below.

Spreading Out

Kicking off August with some happy news... The editors over at Hot In Hollywood TV have asked me to be a regular contributor to their site, starting with their HOT TUNES section. Some may think they're crazy for asking. I think they're brilliant . Check out my inaugural entry, a spotlight on up-and-coming pop starlet, Britt Nicole: OR Cheers, H.P.M.