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Howl: 2010

I saw the best minds of my generation numbed by complacency, drowning themselves in music produced by computers, overfed, overstimulated, blinding themselves behind glowing boxes looking for an instantaneous fix, assembly-lined hoodlums plugging into a digital connection to the pixelated dynamo in the minutiae of the cybernight, who glossy-eyed and high sat up puffing in the obligatory darkness of pet-unfriendly studios darting through alleyways contemplating techno, who bared their souls to those disguised as Potential Matches in chat rooms and saw themselves slurping through Sunday brunches under umbrellas on boulevards, who passed through Masters programs with hungry-wide eyes dreaming about mortgages and minivans among their bankrupt constituents, who were ostracized by the mainstream for sketching off the page and coloring outside the lines with their own blood, who were hunched over in shadowed bedrooms, typing in numbers, clicking their credit away and wonderin

Theme Song of the Month: September

The song is "Devotion." The group is Hurts. The sound is hypnotic, Depeche Mode-esque. And yes, that's the duo pictured above. Not to be confused with a Calvin Klein ad. This is what's been playing repeatedly on my iPod for the past week. Play it all the way through to the epic end: