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SNEAK PEEK: 'Slasher Movie Girl'

PREFACE: Some of you may have heard me talk about the horror novel I am currently writing. So I thought I'd share the first chapter of this book-in-progress,  Slasher Movie Girl , not only to generate interest but to hold myself accountable. Because I want to see this thing through and make sure it gets finished. Because the next time someone asks me, "How's your book coming along?" I want to answer honestly with a promising status update. Because, frankly, I want to get this bloody thing published, read by the masses, and optioned for a big-screen adaptation (naturally). What is Slasher Movie Girl about? I wish I could give you the elevator pitch, but since I'm releasing a tiny portion of this into the world, I'm afraid that's all I can do for now. (C an't give it ALL away now can I?) Besides, hopefully this excerpt does a good job setting things up. And if all goes well, perhaps I'll release more and see if anyone else gives a damn...or if

Pop Culture Rant of the Week: Thank You Donald Trump

Hi Donald. I just wanted to take this time to offer my thanks after watching your first presidential debate. ( As expected, you acted like a 7-year-old throwing a tantrum while trying to convince his mom to stay up past his bedtime .) Thank you for creating one big shitstorm of a campaign that has derailed the Republican party. Thank you for bringing crazy, bigoted Americans out of the woodwork so we can truly see whose narrow-mindedness is preventing progress and keeping our culture trapped in a time warp. Thank you for being so repugnant, so bigoted, so generally godawful , you allow us to clearly see Hillary Clinton as a shining example of what a U.S. president should be, regardless of any faults of her own. You have crafted such a glaring contrast of an image, it would take the densest idiot in America to not see through you and your antics. And unfortunately, there are a lot of dense idiots out there who still don't see through you and continue to hang on your ever

Karen Walker Hasn't Aged a Day: The 'Will & Grace' Reunion

Will & Grace is currently trending on Twitter as if it were 2000 all over again (granted, if Twitter existed back then). Just as the sitcom's series finale predicted a decade ago , the character of Karen Walker (played by Emmy winner Megan Mullally, right) hasn't aged a day. What the hell is going on? What are they planning? Follow Sean Hayes on Twitter to check out the teasers he and his castmates have been dropping since this weekend. Only smiling because of where Eric's hand is! @EricMcCormack @SeanHayes @MeganOMullally — Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) September 25, 2016 And here it is: @TheFirstEcho

Backstreet Boys Headed to Vegas: Aging 'TRL' Fans Rejoice

Now that Britney, J.Lo, and Backstreet Boys all have headlining residencies in Las Vegas, all of us who came of age during the late 90s can now feel officially old AF. Check out the announcement HERE . @TheFirstEcho

RUNAGROUND's "Chase You Down" is My New Stalker Theme Song

There really isn't much to it. The entire song is structured around a repetitive chorus that's accompanied by a driving beat. And I love it. It's an irresistible slice of seduction from the 29-year-old electro-pop producer-singer-songwriter who made a splash on YouTube a few years back. Also? Bonus points for the lyrical shout out to "liquid courage."

Imani Williams's "Don't Need No Money" is the Anti-Materialism Anthem This Generation Needs

She may not "need no money," but pray tell, who's paying for all of those wardrobe changes in this video? Not to mention that sweet vintage convertible in the background... Anyway, despite the double negative in the title that is driving my inner grammar Nazi crazy, this collab with Sigala and Blonde is the kind of pop fluff we could use during another week of depressing headlines. Listen and love: @TheFirstEcho

My Life as a Shondaland Drama: 19 Lessons Learned While Living in L.A.

I have often thought of my life in Los Angeles as a primetime drama, peppered with twists and turns, building up a loyal following over the years. That said, this past summer I wrapped up what is considered my 14th season. ( With a 15th season renewal! Woo hoo! ) The current cast of characters of this show is definitely not the same as the one that was introduced to viewers in the first season ( back when I arrived wide-eyed and full of hope in 2002 ). Over the years, there were special guest stars. There were characters who appeared as regulars but were quickly written off. There were beloved figures who departed suddenly, leaving viewers (and me) devastated. And there were the few constants who, to this day, remain as part of the ever-evolving storyline that is my life.  I'm like Meredith Grey, and the city of Los Angeles is my Seattle Grace. How's that for a Shondaland metaphor?  True, I've never been implicated in a murder...or fallen for an elected official

Obsession of the Week: The Fitness Marshall

People have been making fitness videos since the dawn of Jane Fonda, but there's one instructor on YouTube who's been helping folks burn calories for the past 2 years with fun dance moves set to some of Top 40's biggest hits. Meet The Fitness Marshall (real name: Caleb Marshall) who brings an undeniably fun attitude (and sass) to a number of hip-hop-inspired dance lessons for all shapes and sizes ( a huge plus and welcome inclusion, especially after years and years of seeing the same sculpted bodies in similar videos ). And thanks to his retorts and side comments during each dance, you'll burn double the calories by laughing and moving at the same time. Whether he's shaking some ass to Meghan Trainor (wait for that breakout moment at 1:01)... Or educating us on "sexy serious face" during Ariana Grande's "Into You"... ...he's inspiring my lazy ass to start my mornings off right with some much-needed movement. @The

9 Britney Spears Songs That Should've Been Singles

With the arrival of Glory , her ninth studio album, Britney Spears has extended her discography with more pop fodder fans can chew on. (If you ask me, it's her best and most cohesive collection since 2003's In The Zone .) And on this new album are a bunch of hits-in-waiting, but will they ever be added to Top 40 radio rotation? We have yet to see. (If you ask me again, my picks for her next singles are "Clumsy," "What You Need," and "Hard To Forget Ya.") Forget your standard retrospective of Brit's hits. Here are nine less familiar tracks from the past 16 years that deserved to be thrust into the spotlight and released as official singles. These are the gems most people will never have the pleasure of knowing. That's why I'm breaking them down for you right here, right now... 1. "Before the Goodbye" (2001, unreleased) - Produced by "godfather of electronica" BT (the guy responsible for 'NSYNC's "P

THE COOLDOWN: The 2016 Fall Playlist

Labor Day is over. Done. Finito. And sadly, so is summer. And while some of you will be bracing for the onslaught of pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING, I have gone ahead and prepped a playlist that shall get you through the next three foliage-filled months. Once again, keep coming back as I'll be adding more tunes to this goodness. Enjoy: And thanks to @nicotortorella on Instagram for the cool image that inspired the above cover. @TheFirstEcho