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A Snippet from Comic-Con

Yes, that's my voice at the beginning of this clip. I was doing some Hotter In Hollywood reportage at The Walking Dead 's 100th Issue party. And I got to chat with some of the cast of AMC's zombie drama. Stay tuned for more. @TheFirstEcho

Breaking Down 'Breaking Bad'

After months of listening to friends shout from the rooftops about how Breaking Bad is one of the best television dramas in history, I finally hunkered down and partook in some binge viewing, courtesy of Netflix (and one borrowed DVD boxed set). I was determined to catch up on all 46 episodes before the series' fifth and final season premiered (which happens tonight on AMC). Little did I know I would become just as addicted as some of the meth-heads portrayed in this sinister saga. Only instead of those crystallized blue crystals, I'd be hooked on the meticulous details and the intricate storytelling skills of series creator Vince Gilligan. First, let's address why this show deserves all the praise it has received thus far. Never has a show (in recent memory at least) functioned as a carefully constructed chronicle of one character. For the uninitiated, Walter White (well deserved Emmy winner Bryan Cranston) is a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher whose li

10 Words I'd Like to Bring Back

The English language is full of words that are often forgotten thanks to the increasing dominance (and acceptance) of slang in our vocabulary and the inevitable evolution of overall wordage. Here are a few terms I'd like to reintroduce to the lexicon. True, some are old-school and may sound a tad proper, but I'm all for making the old new again. 1. Henceforth - It's adorably British-sounding and carries an air of sophistication. 2. Dagnabbit - It's adorably retro (thank you, Elmer Fudd). To be ironically used in place of "Goddammit." So, the next time someone cuts you off on the freeway or the DVR cuts off the last minute of Breaking Bad , let it out. And then have a chuckle at how cute you sound. 3. Frivolity - Just another way to describe some of the things I obsess over. 4. Amidst - It's the new "among". 5.  Brabble  - It means "to quarrel about trifles;  esp . to quarrel noisily, brawl, squabble." Like, what those

Theme Song of the Month: July 2012

America's birthday month is brought to you by a party jam I've been playing for the past two weeks: "Spectrum" by Zedd (a.k.a Anton Zaslavski) featuring Matthew Koma. The high-energy yet breezy, dubstep-driven track comes to us from one of Germany's youngest producers ( look at that face: did he just graduate from high school? ). As a matter of fact, Europe seems to be cranking out a fresh crop of young DJs (Madeon, Avicii, etc.) who are seemingly aiming to give old-timers like David Guetta and Paul Van Dyk a run for their money. "Spectrum" just what the iTunes doctor ordered for the next 30 days, during which I'll be suntanning in Palm Springs, geeking out at Comic-Con in San Diego, mingling with filmmakers at Outfest here in L.A., and then jetting off to Dallas, where I'll grab a cowboy hat, channel my inner Bobby Ewing, and land myself into a pleasant food coma after a nice barbecue session and cocktail sampling at several local hotspot