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HIKODROME: The 2022 Winter Playlist

Consider this music you can break your New Year resolutions to.  I am starting 2022 with no expectations because, frankly, the last half of 2021 wrecked me in ways I haven't openly discussed online (but hopefully will soon). And because I have no expectations, all I have is this new music to carry me through the next few months.  Enjoy: @TheFirstEcho

Sigrid's "Burning Bridges": An Anthem for Getting Rid of Toxic People In Your Life

I admittedly caught Sigrid's fall single, "Burning Bridges," a little late (shortly after Thanksgiving), but since then, it's been on heavy rotation. And now? It's my theme song heading into 2022. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. (I predict it'll pop up on my Spotify Wrapped eleven months from now.) The four-on-the-floor beat and soaring strings conspire to deliver an irresistible and empowering track that offers simple advice on how to avoid getting involved with shitty people who will only bring you down in life and eventually break your heart. It's all there in one killer lyrical hook from the 25-year-old Norwegian singer: "You cry, they don't. That's how you know." @TheFirstEcho