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#TBT: Romancing the Silverstone

I'm kicking off a series of throwback blogs that I've dug up from my personal archives. These were originally sent as e-mails to friends and family back home, life updates from Los Angeles filled with an insane amount of humble brags only a naive twentysomething could be capable of... Sent: Tuesday, May 4, 2004 "We're going to see Super-Size Me this weekend," Alicia told me. "You should come." Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the movie. "I'll be in San Francisco," I told her, trying to suppress my migraine. "But we should do something else with Molly soon." Did I just turn down an invite from the star of 1995's  Clueless  and 1993's The Crush ?? You betcha. I had congratulated Ms. Silverstone on receiving the Young Veteran Award as we mingled among the hotness that was the Young Hollywood Awards afterparty at Spider Club. I soon made my way to the bar for a Coconut Bay Breezer after chatting with Ali

10 Questions from 90s Pop Songs, Finally Answered

The 90s were filled with emerging music genres (hip-hop, dance, alternative rock) that characterized the decade and provided a unique soundtrack for those of us who came of age during the Clinton era. It was also a time when songs delivered a few head scratchers when it came to their lyrics, posing questions that have never really been answered...until now. QUESTION 1: "What Is Love?" (Haddaway, 1993) ANSWER:  Love is never having to say you're sorry for subjecting women to running backwards down staircases. In heels . (But your pleas have fallen on deaf ears; your "baby" is definitely going to hurt you.) QUESTION 2: "How Do You Talk To An Angel?" (The Heights, 1992) ANSWER:  Very delicately. Angels are known to be esoteric beings that only communicate with those who function on the same intellectual level as them. Sometimes you can talk to them in riddles; they appreciate a good brain teaser every so often. QUESTION 3: "Where

My 10th Comic-Con: A Nerd-Filled Milestone

2019 marks my tenth Comic-Con. I've been attending the sprawling festivities in San Diego since 2007 (with a few years skipped here and there), and by now, I feel like I’ve witnessed my fair share of shenanigans and experienced enough of the tropes that accompany this annual gathering of like-minded pop culture junkies. Awkward teens in ill-fitting Spider-Man suits. Nerd couples dressed in matching cosplay. TV networks debuting cryptodramas that are destined to last just one season. Yesterday’s TV stars attempting to remain relevant for today’s audiences. Beer bellies stretching out Captain America t-shirts. Collectors hauling oversized totes filled with figures that will be prominently shelved in basements. Autograph-seeking cinephiles on a quest to covet exclusive content... Have I filled my quota? Probably not. @TheFirstEcho