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Screw Resolutions (Again): 15 Things To Do In 2015

If I was able to accomplish 11 out of the 14 things I had planned to do this year , then I have high hopes for 2015. Hence why I've decided to put out another to-do list for the upcoming new year... 1. Whenever people tell me they love a "new" song by an artist, I shall refrain from saying (with snark), "Oh, that song I was listening to 4 months ago?" 2. Visit the Magic Castle . 3. After developing an obsession with Tatsu on Melrose , make sure to consume ramen in moderation. 4. Sign a publishing contract/get a book deal. 5. Take advantage of the recipe book that came with my Magic Bullet. ( a gift from Maury Povich - long story...well, not really .) 6. Finish reading Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray . 7. Send more cards or old-fashioned letters to people in the mail. 8. Go to Hawaii. Or Portland. (Unfortunately, I need to use my vacation days wisely in 2015.) 9. Try Fireball. Just once. 10. Write a letter to myself at age of

2014 in 4 Minutes

Vox put together a nice little montage that's just as long as "Auld Lang Syne," so while you're reflecting on your own year on December 31 (and looking for someone to kiss at midnight), give this a play: @TheFirstEcho

#TBT: That Time Katy Perry Covered Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold"

So, this really happened? My favorite song of 2008, "Black and Gold," was apparently given the acoustic treatment one year later by a pre- Teenage Dream Katy Perry. Before any Sam Sparro purists scream "WTF?" know that this came from her Australian tour EP in 2009. And know that Adele also covered the awesomely mesmerizing pop number. For those not familiar with the original track, here's a refresher: @TheFirstEcho

BLOG OF THE YEAR: The 2014 Rewind

While it's easy - and understandale - for some people to bitch and moan about 2014 being a crap year, ("I'm done! Bring on 2015!") I can honestly say I  loved  2014. I can't remember the last time I was this fond of a year. Maybe 1997?  But if you weren't a fan of these last 365 days, then I'm sorry. Trust me, I've been there. There were times I felt like my life was stuck in a cesspool of crap from which I'd never escape, and I would roll my eyes at every shiny-happy year-in-review letter I got from friends and relatives. That said, I don't blame some of you for doing the same when you read the next paragraph... At the end of 2013 I had wanted 2014 to deliver. And, after looking back on the last 12 months, it certainly did. It began with a winter trip to Vancouver and Whistler. It surprised with a promotion at work. ("That's MR. Manager of Creative Planning, thankyouveddymuch.") It continued with a highly memorable ro