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Twilight Who?

And I haven't even started reading the final book. I know, I know. Shame. On. Me. Damn, this looks good.

Eight Is Not Enough

When I moved to Los Angeles eight years ago today, a movie ticket at the Arclight was a mere $11.50, the Target in West Hollywood had yet to drain the wallets of countless singletons looking for a deal on laundry detergent, and the 101/405 Freeway interchange in Sherman Oaks was under construction, making the over-the-hill commute a daily pain in the ass for anyone with a job in the Valley. When I moved to Los Angeles eight years ago today, I slept on an Aero Bed on the floor of several apartments, my DVD library consisted of 20 movies, I listened to my pop compilations (gulp) on a Discman , and the thought of housesitting in the hills and driving the boss's Lexus for three months seemed like something straight out of an 80s movie starring James Spader or Michael J. Fox. If I were to dig up old pictures of myself from the summer of 2002 ( actual photographs, mind you; I didn't own a digicam until the following Christmas ), I would see a fresh-faced Boston University grad, un

Theme Song of the Month: July

It gets better the more I play it. And who knew Tyson Ritter (from The All-American Rejects) could be a near-vocal substitute for Justin Timberlake? The song is "I'm in Love With You," Timbaland 's latest oil-and-vinegar pairing that - get this - actually works. With just the right amount of slick layering and a celebratory chorus you just want to clap to, this superfun track (found on an upcoming EP only avail in certain parts of the world - natch) is a welcome addition to my ever-growing summer soundtrack:

This Week in Eurodance Trash

Finally! Someone made a song about everyone's favorite day of the week (because that's when you're supposed "to get down tonight"), sprinkled on some Pussycat Doll rejects, and set it to a thumpingly interchangeable bass. What would you expect from the generic yet slightly irresistible Basshunter? Ladies and gents, here's "Saturday":

A Bionic Review

Had JC Chasez not already taken the name Schizophrenic for his solo debut back in 2004, Christina Aguilera may have wanted to consider using that title for her latest album. The Dirrty Mom's fourth studio album (really, that Spanish album, Christmas collection and bootleg LP didn't count) marches in like an electro-alt-pop lion and goes out like a vulnerable lamb. One thing's for certain: the girl can do ballads, which are rare to find in Top 40 Radioland nowadays since every Auto-Tuned Tom, Dick and Ke$ha is (unfortunately) dominating the landscape. With "I Am," Christina wisely tethers her powerhouse vocals to channel her inner Regina Spektor while following a lyrical structure of which Alanis Morissette would approve. "You Lost Me" could have been a lost track from her previous effort, 2006's Back to Basics , as it comes off more as a bluesy plea for forgiveness...and attention. As for Xtina's electronic punk side, "Elastic Love"