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Mulder Hearts Scully

Mulder and Scully posing for a Vanity Fair cover? Or is this one last embrace before they open a can of whoopass on some extraterrestrials? Believe on July 25. I know I will.

When Bad Movies Happen to Good Actors

Love Hugh. Love Ewan. Michelle...she's okay. This below-average, laughably-scripted mess of a thriller? Not so much.

Whatever Happened to F**king Talking?

This is so painfully true - right down the 80s party and the eventual rebound one can find in the aisles of Whole Foods...

Summer Movie Preview 2008

Step right up, step right up! Come inside where the AC is blasting, the lights are low and the popcorn is golden and warm...Once again it's time to check your brain at the doors to the multiplex, sit back in your plush stadium seat, and let the mavens of the mainstream tantalize, tease and trick you into oblivion. The summer movie season is right around the corner (really, it's waiting patiently at that red light while revving its engine), and I feel that it is my duty to let you in on what to expect, to break it down for y'all. The Good. The Bad. And the Punny (yes, I'm talking to you Ms. Bradshaw)... Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - The world's most famous archaeologist dusts off the fedora, pops a few Metamucil tablets and risks dislocating a hip while swinging from the rafters of a Nazi warehouse. His bastard son (?) goes along for the bumpy ride. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - British teens inherit an empire. An exotic-look

Just Another Weekend

Weekends in L.A. during the spring are not for the timid. Drinks are mandatory after work on Friday. A morning spinning class headed by a celeb fitness guru followed by an attendance of a poolside birthday party during the afternoon and a movie premiere at night is to be expected on Saturday. And brunch at any given sidewalk eatery, either in Silverlake or on Sunset Boulevard, is guaranteed on Sunday (mimosas and flip-flops optional). It is a Southern California ritual with which I have come to familiarize myself, booking yourself bonkers and penciling in every friend, acquaintance and potential foe into your Blackberry/calendar/black suede planner (mine is the latter) during those two days of the week when, in my opinion at least, a minimal amount of errands should be completed and your butt should remain glued to the sofa for several numbing hours. I, for one, am all for 3-day weekends every week, or at least once a month. We live in the hardest-working country in the world, yet

Something Good Indeed

I knew the Running Man would come back... Utah Saints get sonic makeover in "Something Good '08". Brit director Eran Creevy brings on some insane choreography and hysterical visuals.

When Bloggers Wikipedia Themselves

Apparently I'm an abandoned mass of land frequently defecated on by desert farm animals...

Random Thought of the Week #2

I wish BBMak would reunite.

TRAILER PARK: Iron Pants Edition

Recently announced Hot in Hollywood host America Ferrera co-stars in this summer's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 know, the sequel to that girly novel adaptation that made a bunch of money three years ago? The girls, er ladies, are back. By the looks of the irresistible trailer (below), which makes the whole thing seem a little Sex and the City Lite , more pants are worn, more boys get shirtless, more gorgeous locales are visited, and more life lessons are inevitably learned as romance blossoms around them. Just might be the guilty pleasure of the summer for the 25+ crowd. But before you overdose on all that estrogen, overdose on some...well, testosterone. A second Ironman trailer has been released, and Robert Downey Jr. kicks more ass with his supersuit and supersarcasm. He's a weapons developer who gets held hostage, gathers some scrap metal together and then beats the living crap out of the bad guys who done him wrong - all while flirting with Gwyneth

Got '4 Minutes'?

The video has dropped. Timbaland opens in front of a ginormous digital clock. Human body parts dissolve. And Madge and JT jump over used cars and supermarket checkout lanes. She's blonder and more exfoliated/botoxed than ever, and he's at his scruffiest. Get through it all, and you'll be treated to some cool choreography, a warped, faux-Fred-and-Ginger little number straight outta Step Up 2 The Streets : Okay kids...thoughts?

My Big Screen Debut

Image a glorified extra. I later throw flowers at Tori Spelling in another scene (No Photoshop, I swear): What was my motivation here in this scene? I'm still trying to figure that out. Several dear friends of mine have put their blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids into the making of this charming romantic comedy. It opens in select theaters on April 18 (translation: artsy places in big cities).

Party Like It's 1989

Break out the hair primper. News of an NKOTB reunion is upon us... NSync, take note: Start booking your arenas for 2018.

28 Years Later

I can be so full of shit sometimes. After throwing myself a rather successful birthday party at the Beverly Hilton last year (poolside bar, customized playlist, free room on the fifth floor), I had pledged to keep 2008 low-key and intimate, the guest list small, perhaps some grown-up cake and cocktails at my comfy apartment. Who was I kidding? At the beginning of the month I decided to go big once again, eyeing the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel for my annual soiree. I discovered a connection at the concierge desk via a coworker and promptly sent out an email introducing myself and describing the kind of blowout I wanted to host. More than a week after that email, I received a voicemail from one of the bar's event managers. In the message the words "bottle service" and "requirements" were thrown around, and all that meant to me was more stress and hassle, especially since I am now one of the co-hosts and promoters for Hot Mix , a series of monthly cockta