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THE SINGAPORE SESSIONS: The 2015 Fall Playlist, Vol. 2

The Tokyo Tapes was fun and all, but now it's time for the second volume for the second leg of my upcoming Asian excursion. Lots of travelogue-worthy entries from the likes of Kygo, XOV, and Friendly Fires. But, once again, Spotify isn't up to date with some new releases I'm enjoying from James Morrison (see further below), Duffy (like "Whole Lot of Love" ), and Hurts ( "Slow" ). @TheFirstEcho

Augustus Gloop Was Once My Spirit Animal

Beloved children’s author Roald Dahl was once the bane of my fifth-grade existence. When I was 10, my class at New Rochelle Catholic Elementary performed a stage adaptation of his famous book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . The production was directed by our art teacher (and school librarian) Mrs. Baron, a yellow-toothed, former flower child and Woodstock alumna with a penchant for puffing on Parliament Lights in the teacher’s lounge every afternoon. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine her spending her weekends knocking back shots of whiskey at an underground jazz club somewhere in the West Village, swaying to the tunes of a saxophonist named Johnny K and bopping to the bass in a haze of smoke – of course, back when you could puff on cancer sticks in Manhattan establishments. I liked Mrs. Baron for two reasons. First, during art class, she allowed us to bring in cassette tapes from home, a sort of play-and-tell to stimulate our artistic instincts with every papier-mache scul

THE TOKYO TAPES: The 2015 Fall Playlist, Vol. 1

I leave for Asia in three weeks (as of this post, in case you haven't heard), so naturally I had to collect some tunes that shall accompany me on my travels through Japan and Singapore. Aside from the obvious heavyhitters of the season (as seen in the first few tracks), there are some surprises from the likes of Afrojack and Ella Eyre. Summer, you came and went so fast. But at least Autumn is here to take care of me now. @TheFirstEcho