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Cornucopia III: The 2013 Fall Playlist, Vol. 3

Tis the season to binge on everything from turkey and those episodes of American Horror Story: Coven  I've missed thus far. Sure, binge eating and viewing is all the craze right now, but what about binge listening? There's a gourd-load of tunes out there right now racking up gigabytes on my hard drive, and my iPod is about to burst. Just how many? Enough to quickly follow this up with a Volume 4 (stay tuned). 1. "Do What U Want" by Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly 2. "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who 3. "We Remain" by Christina Aguilera 4. "Love Me Again" by John Newman 5. "Wild Child" by Adrian Lux & Marc Schossow feat. JJ 6. "Feel Good" by Robin Thicke 7. "Sleepwalker" by Bonnie McKee 8. "Walking On Air" by Katy Perry 9. "Don't Wanna Dance Alone" by Fifth Harmony 10. "Satellites" by Cash Cash: 11. "Meant To Be" by TLC 12. "Bone

'Jagged Little Pill' Becomes a Musical? Welcome Back, 1995.

Hearing about Alanis Morissette's seminal  Jagged Little Pill being turned into a Broadway musical was like receiving news that my best friend had built a time machine for us to travel back to 1995 and relive all of our best moments. How did I not know about this sooner? Why did I have to learn about it through NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast one week after the initial press release? And why do I have no shame in admitting that I subscribe to an NPR podcast? The Nostalgia Machine revved up once again as I started to search the web for articles on this exciting development. I immediately started flashing back to that fateful day at Iona Preparatory when I borrowed this CD from a friend in Religion class in between "scripture lessons" (the class was more like a free period overseen by a priest who had no problem telling jocks to "quit the bullshit" if they acted up -- ah, Catholic school ). Up until then, my knowledge of this then-angry 21-yea

13 Things I'm Thankful For in 2013

As we brace ourselves for another smorgasbord of holiday calories, let’s look back at what I thoroughly appreciated this year ( 2013, where did you fly off to? ). Here are the people, places, and things I couldn’t – and still can’t – get enough of. And I am utterly grateful for them. 1 . Henry Cavill – We could thank Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan for making this slice of British hotness slip into that Superman suit in Man of Steel , but we’re ultimately grateful for Cavill’s gravitas, smoldering performance…and the pause button on our Blu-ray players. 2. Jenji Kohan – The woman behind the brilliant ‘Weeds’ is also responsible for giving us one of the best TV shows of the year: Orange Is The New Black . It’s undeniably a game-changer, loaded with multiple storylines and a stellar ensemble overseen by one great showrunner ( and I had no idea what the woman looked like until I Google imaged her -- she looks like fun ). 3. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter – There’s a new

Let Kelly Clarkson Help You Survive Black Friday

Come November 29, I shall join the millions of crazed Americans as they storm the stores at midnight after Thanksgiving, ready to cut any bitch who gets in between them and the last available purple twerking bear in the toy aisle at Target. I've made it a tradition to go out to my neighborhood superstores to see what's being snatched off the shelves in the wee hours of the morning. I prefer to go alone so that I can zip through the lines of shopping carts (and strollers) and make my experience as painless as possible. And helping me this year will be Kelly Clarkson. I'll be blaring her new single from Wrapped in Red in order to brighten my spirits and pump me up for some holiday cheer -- just as long as no one steals my parking space at the mall. Enjoy the retro-sounding jingle that's sure to be a classic...and give Mariah Carey's 19-year-old "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a run for its money. @TheFirstEcho

'Gypsy' Is Easily Lady Gaga's Best Track from 'ARTPOP'

This past weekend was certainly a "pop emergency" for Mother Monster as her fourth studio album, the highly anticipated ARTPOP , leaked all over the interwebs ( like that can of green paint that spilled all over the hatchback of my Prius three years ago ). The culprit? According to Gaga's angry tweets, it was those sneaky pirates in...Japan. While the album is the supersonic pop experience we all expected, there's one track that shines bright and stands out: "Gypsy." Starting out as what sounds like a piano ballad with some beautifully evocative lyrics, the song soars into an anthemic chorus custom-made for dance floors around the globe: " I don't wanna be alone forever, but I can be tonight ..." The title refers to the lifestyle the pop icon has adopted, hopping from country to country, longing to have someone accompany her on her lonely journey. It even includes a background chant that lists all of the places she's visited (places l