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EUROSUMMER '18: A Playlist for Sunburn Season

Before I jet off to Berlin, Paris, and London to kick off the Summer of 2018 -- while acknowledging how obnoxious this sentence actually is -- I want to bestow upon you the playlist you'll need to accompany your season of sunburns, sandcastles, and barbecues. If I had to pick some highlights out this compilation of 40+ tracks, they would be: Troye Sivan's "Bloom" (an anthem for bottoms!), Anne-Marie's nostalgic "2002," and the excellent "Some Kind of Wonderful" by MOBS, the Australian pop group that has been churning out irresistible bops ever since they beeped on my radar several months ago. @TheFirstEcho

12 Questions with Elephante at EDC 2018

I may be heading to Las Vegas this weekend, but sadly, I will not be attending EDC where Elephante will be taking the stage at the dance music festival. ( Instead, I'll be treating my parents to dinner at Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen and the Jennifer Lopez concert for their birthdays .) But the DJ did take some time to answer a few questions for me at Bello Mag . Elephante  (a.k.a. Tim Wu), the EDM wunderkind behind hits like “Catching On” (featuring Nevve) and “Closer” (featuring BISHØP), will be playing  EDC,  the landmark dance music festival in Las Vegas, for the first time this month. The 28-year-old Ann Arbor, MI native will also be kicking off a residency at MGM’s  Hakkasan , the Sin City nightclub that has been luring the likes of Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris.  Before taking the stage this weekend at the festival’s  circuitGROUNDS , he shared his summer plans, his thoughts on Avicii, and his John Mayer wish… What are you most looking forward to a

Early 2000s Nostalgia Is Already Here, Thanks to Anne-Marie

It was inevitable. But who knew it would happen so quickly? There's now a segment of a generation that is not only throwing it back to the 90s -- they're straight-up reliving the early aughts. Anne-Marie, the British pop singer, released "2002," which was co-written by Ed Sheeran and is loaded with plenty of Britney Spears, Jay-Z, and *NSYNC references to make your heart long for simpler, pre-YouTube times. If you want to check out the official video, which is packed with visual homages to the aforementioned pop artists, watch it  here . And if that isn't enough to convince you that 00s nostalgia is starting to become a thing, then take a look at this  Ellen  clip from last week: @TheFirstEcho

#TBT: Tweets from the 90s

There are times when I am thankful for having survived my adolescence before the advent of social media. But there are times when I think to myself: What if? What if I had all these platforms at my fingertips? What would my posts look like?  Probably something like this: Did anyone watch #MelrosePlace last night???? Kimberly's wig was literally snatched. #TweetsFromThe90s — HIKO (@TheFirstEcho) April 16, 2018 And this: Who's stoked for this summer? Fresh Prince vs. Aliens! #TweetsFromThe90s #ID4 — HIKO (@TheFirstEcho) April 16, 2018 And then this... Oh, NBD. I'm just at @playland_park ...and @MariahCarey is shooting a music video in the parking lot!!!!! I'm dying! #TweetsFromThe90s #Fantasy — HIKO (@TheFirstEcho) April 25, 2018 Of course I would have to include this: @RL_Stine I just finished the Cheerleaders trilogy! Poor Bobbi! #TweetsFromThe90s — HIKO (@TheFirstEcho) May

Christina Aguilera's "Accelerate": A Transcription of My Reaction

Recorded at 6:31am PST 6:31am - Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod... [ goes on YouTube, finds the "Official Video" ] Oh, there's a video already? Oh, it's featuring Ty Dollar $ign and 2 Chainz? Hmmm... 6:32am - So, before I play this, I just want to say that I had a dream about this, about listening to her new single, and it's what woke me up at the buttcrack of dawn. The excitement, like, woke me up, knowing a new Christina Aguilera song was debuting today. And in my dream, it sounded good! You ever dream about songs that don't exist yet? It was like a really good banger. Pulse-pounding beat. Powerful chorus. God, I hope this could be a summer jam. Okay, let's just press play. 6:33am - Okay, she's lapping up some milk with her tongue. Um, does no one remember "Not Myself Tonight" from 2010? The beat...Are these what they call 808 drums? Oh, okay. 6:34am - The video looks like leftover, repurposed footage from her Paper