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Summer Movie Preview 2009

Much like the swine flu and the impending invasion of Susan Boyle copycats on reality TV, the summer movie season is upon us, and there's nothing that can stop it. Although there may not be enough greasy popcorn to inhale during the imminent onslaught of over-commercialized flicks that will be vying for our attention, it will be interesting nonetheless to see what will stick and what will crash and burn Michael Bay-style. After all, there are no men made of Iron here. No Sex , less cities. And there isn't even a fedora-wearing archaeologist in sight... Here's a list of some sure-to-be recession-proof flicks y'all can enjoy during the sweaty months to come along with what you can expect after forking over twelve dollars to that pimply-faced teenager behind the counter at the box office: X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE - Hugh Jackman dons a tattered wifebeater, slashes his way through some bad guys with an equally ripped Ryan Reynolds by his side and trades quips with a ma

A Tease

Something's coming, kids. My other blog baby, , is going through "the changes," if you will. Stay tuned.

Random Thought of the Week #10

Caught this while watching Chelsea Lately , and I just had to pause and rewind the DVR to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Valerie Bertinelli, I got one word stretched out in two syllables for you: DAY-UM. I need to get off this couch.

Body Counting

Somewhere in England, Agatha Christie is rolling in her grave. My take on Harper's Island is up at HIH (it ain't all that bad).

Worthy of Peeing Your Pants

Favorite line from this trailer: "That is such a Samantha thing to say." Grab some adult diapers and hit your local multiplex this summer.

Random Thought of the Week #9

Is it me, or does it annoy the hell out of you when Nicole Scherzinger mispronounces "Jai Ho" in the Pussycat Doll version of the Slumdog Millionaire theme song?

Twenty-Nine Lives

I usually take it as a bad sign when a memoir or an autobiography opens with a description of how the author's parents came to be, where they came from, how they overcame adversity, and ultimately, how they met and created the magnificent human being who has now laid out his entire life for you to read, analyze and potentially adapt into a cable television series. I would think it has become a bio cliche to start one's life story that way. Instead, I would appreciate more the writer who starts his life journey at random, in the middle of a juicy situation, from deep within an emotional place, frozen in a singular moment that will shape his life from here on out. My memoirs, as one would expect, shall be punctuated by pop culture references, mostly musical. The soundtrack to my biopic would be a rich catalog of songs from the 1990s and 2000s with perhaps a prologue's worth of tunes from the 80s. Thanks to the handy website, , I've been able to travel