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Becoming a Visionary: Joining the Fight Against Cancer

Over the last ten weeks, I had the honor of leading a small team in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Visionaries of the Year fundraising campaign, and last weekend was an inspiring culmination of generosity, surprises, and hard work. Together with other teams throughout Los Angeles, we raised over $980,000 for patients, families, and caregivers facing healthcare challenges throughout America.  I had been nominated to be a "Visionary of the Year" candidate by Jonathan Unger of Unger Media back in January. Like most people who have been asked to join, I was hesitant to commit to the mission, but after experiencing so much grief, loss, and trauma in my own family and getting an up-close look at the American healthcare system over the last 18 months (a soul-crushing experience), I felt compelled to sign up to save lives and, as they say , make a difference. And it's been quite a journey.  After ten weeks of emailing, posting, calling, texting, and messaging everyone

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