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Geek Gods: Baby's First Comic-Con

I've had the pleasure of visiting San Diego several times in the past four years. Two excursions to Sea World to say hi to Shamu. A day trip to Sycuan Casino to watch my mother and grandmother throw dollar bills at a couple of uncooperative slot machines. Pride weekend 2006... This year, my journey to the eighth-largest city in the U.S. brought me to the San Diego Convention Center where I lined up with geeks from across the Southwest to pay tribute and respects to superheroes, superproducers, and super shiny toys adored by all fanboys. If you don't know what Comic-Con is, then you clearly have never: a) been a follower of the Jedi philosophy. b) fantasized about sleeping with that hot Cylon chick. c) wished you were a part of the Scooby Gang. d) pretended you were a student at Hogwarts. e) blown your wad over a scaled-down replica of the Batmobile. f) worshipped the ground J.J. Abrams walks on. g) understood what it means to be a part of the Fellowship of the Ring. ...a

L.A. Moment #467

Overheard outside Border Grill in Santa Monica last night... Nipped-and-tucked 40something Brentwood housewife to her blonde counterpart: "I was going to tell you something about Socrates relating to what we were talking about, but I totally forgot what it was."

The Kingdom

Finally, a great summer movie...but it doesn't come out until September 28 (yours truly got a sneak peek). My buttcheeks were clenched the entire time. Also included in the brilliantly eclectic cast: Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven (doing his best while on an Entourage hiatus), Kyle Chandler (practically repeating his Grey's Anatomy fate), Frances Fisher (in a wicked cameo), and Richard Jenkins. Dare I say, it's Peter Burg's Munich . Bravo. H.P.M.

File Under Fierce

Gwen Verdon's givin' it to you (turn up the volume).

Sin City

Just got back from Vegas, a weekend full of NBA stars, pina coladas by the pool, and uncooperative roulette tables. H.P.M.


It is rare for me to find someone in the public eye who warrants such a near-psychotic obsession to the point where I'd practically burst from the seams with excitement and admiration. The grand fabulousness of David and Victoria Beckham is working its magic on me. First things first. Whatever preconceived notions you may have? Kindly throw them out with the rest of the rubbish. After watching Monday night's NBC special, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America , I have come up with several reasons why their fans love them so and why those of you who have never given them the light of day or dismissed her as an "evil robot with gigantic breasts, sent to earth to obliterate the human race" should drop the grudge and embrace the mania. 1. They're self-deprecating. Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Victoria reveals to Perez Hilton (who was equally won over) during a coffeehouse interview why she never smiles for the paparazzi - she has to maintain her "I'm M

Go Ahead, Make His Day

Please refrain from using comments pertaining to his "magic wand"...

Look Ma!

Those alumni magazines are finally good for something:

Worshipping J.J.

Why I kiss the ground J.J. Abrams walks on:

From Where?

Oh, those Germans!


Tonight Michael Bay helped me channel my inner 14-year-old. But before I get to the goods, I want to talk about the insane teaser I witnessed along with half of downtown Hollywood at the Arclight Cinemas on this steamy July evening. The first preview opened with a flicker of the logo for Bad Robot, the production shingle founded by my Great Producing Idol, JJ Abrams. Neat, I thought. A new movie from JJ, perhaps a teaser for Star Trek 11 ? At first it seemed like a commercial of some kind, but remembering we were sitting in the upscale Arclight, where seats are reserved and annoying ads are banned before trailers, we knew this was...something. The entire teaser was shot in a camcorder point-of-view at a New York City apartment during a rooftop going-away party for a young guy named...Jeff...or Jack...or whoever. Young twentysomethings smile at the camera, wishing their friend good luck with his future endeavors. Woo-hoo, party on. Then, a rumbling. An earthquake? The camcorder c