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Nerdgasm of the Month: 'The X-Files' Returns

Words cannot express all the feels I have about the official return of the show that influenced 21st century genre television...and defined most of my adolescence. Thank you, Fox, for the early birthday gift. @TheFirstEcho

The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Incident

* Another excerpt from my book-in-progress. The mighty All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. It’s an institution built to cater to anyone with an appetite as big as his waistline. History appears to tell us that the Swedes and the French were the ones who came up with the idea of a buffet, laying out different kinds of food on a table in a free-for-all setting. Sweden invented the “smorgasbord” sometime in the 16th century, offering appetizers to guests – usually cold – while France used sideboards to present snacks and pre-dinner nibblers to those looking for a little nosh before a main course. But leave it to America to insert the hyphenated adjective “all-you-can-eat” in front of the word “buffet.” Much credit for this has been given to a guy named Herb MacDonald, a Las Vegas publicist and entertainment manager who came up with the idea in the 1950s, back when Sin City was still in its infancy and witnessing the construction and development of casinos up and down the Strip. You know, l

SMILE: The 2015 Spring Playlist, Vol. 1

Well, well. Look what has blossomed this season. We've got some new Deborah Cox ( Holy 1998 flashback! ) and some new Ricky Martin ( Holy 1999 flashback! ) to enjoy while we adjust to the lingering daylight and attempt to shed those winter pounds before the most dreaded two words are uttered: swimsuit season. @TheFirstEcho

#TBT: That Time Alicia Silverstone Became My BFF (for 5 Minutes)

Yes, she might have been tipsy when we met for the first time during the afterparty for  Movieline 's 2004 Young Hollywood Awards at Avalon (in Hollywood, natch). No, I did not inundate her with quotes from Clueless . But she did love my Lucky Brand T-shirt, which I still have (along with that Kenneth Cole pin-striped blazer). I say "first time we met" because, as luck would have it, a good friend of mine started working for her, and we ended up having several encounters throughout the following couple of years. I even got to swim in her pool -- no, that's not a euphemism -- and catch a matinee of Kill Bill with her and a group of friends. And then, flash-forward to the summer of 2009, when I ran into her at LAX while waiting for my flight to New York. (I had been on my way to a film festival in Philadelphia to screen a short film I produced.) While we sat in the terminal, she was curious and gracious enough to take a look at the short on my laptop. Who was

New 'San Andreas' Trailer: Still No Sign of Kylie Minogue

You know I love me some disaster flicks. That's why I am counting down the days to the premiere of the earthquake shitshow that is San Andreas , a star-studded affair in which the West Coast gets battered harder than anyone married to an NFL player. A new trailer for the movie was just released, and in it, we catch a glimpse of Ioan Gruffudd, who, I'm guessing, plays some kind of British rich dude living in SoCal. However, mysteriously missing from the trailer is Kylie Minogue, who, according to IMDB , plays his wife. (Or maybe his sister?) To the editor who cut this preview I ask: What the hell? Clearly you don't want to cater to every demographic possible. Still, enjoy: @TheFirstEcho

That Time I Got Locked Up In A Room With Half-Drunk Strangers

How did I spend my Tuesday night? I got locked up in a room with a bunch of half-drunk strangers inside the Globe Theater at Universal Studios Hollywood -- all in the name of good old-fashioned publicity. DIG: Escape the Room was a press event promoting the premiere of USA's Dig , the epic miniseries event starring Jason Isaacs, who showed up to hang out with us. ( You can make out his face in the upper left corner of the group photo - and yep, that's me holding the WE ESCAPED sign. ) After solving a few puzzles and accidentally sabotaging ourselves for a few wasted minutes, we made it out alive with two minutes to spare on the clock. But enough about that fun. Check out what's going down on DIG : @TheFirstEcho