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Summer Breeze

Pop culture goodness bursting at the Friday ... The following outburst of word vomit is brought to you by two cups of coffee and the fact that my office is pouncing to break out early to kick off the final holiday weekend of the season...mimosas in the kitchen, y'all! The end of summer is always bittersweet. The scent of sunscreen is replaced with the delicious smells of fresh Composition notebook paper and sharpened Number 2 pencils. Box office grosses are overanalyzed ( Dark Knight , who knew?). Oscar contenders rev up their engines. And the flab you couldn't get rid of before Memorial Day just gets covered up in those favored "layers" you love to talk about so much (hurrah for scarves and zip-up fleece!). Before we return to 90210 , before we watch Biden duke it out with Palin (I mean, really, the woman's husband is a "champion snow machine racer") and before our sunburns fade and we finally get every grain of sand

Party Like It's 1992

All I need next is Amanda Woodward to resurface, some Fear Street novels and my orange denim shorts, and I'm back in New Rochelle making mix tapes on my Aiwa stereo.

Movie Junkie Time

Click on the pic above to check out my latest trailer showcase on Hot In Hollywood . Then, after that, why don't you check out my review of the funniest movie of the year:

I'm Hot

"Get involved." That's one nugget of advice my mother had offered to me when I was a freshman in high school (a.k.a. The Loner Period). And I tried. I was a background actor in the fall play. I set off major Nerd Alerts by joining (gulp) the Library Council. And I even pushed myself to write an article or two for The Gael Force , our school paper, my first piece discussing the increasing trashiness of TV in the 90s. But it wasn't until I was recruited to join the speech and debate team that I found myself immersed in something that stimulated me, influenced me, changed me. Fast forward fourteen years later (gulp, again), and I have found myself overbooked, overstressed - yet overjoyed - in a whirlwind of events I am proud to be a part of . My summers, especially after the 4th of July, have now officially become Hot in Hollywood season. That's when things kick in and I am suddenly juggling two jobs at once (three, if you count these little contributions to the

A New Era of Boyband

Jonas Brothers who? Meet Avenue . Names (from L-R): Max, Jonny, Andy, Scott and Ross. Ages: 19-24 The song to love: "Last Goodbye" Westlife, you've been sent to the retirement home.