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Random Thought of the Week #17

More like Newfound Discovery-Slash-Obsession than Random Thought... "Oh No," by Marina and the Diamonds. I'm hooked. The new single (from the album The Family Jewels ). The new video (it apparently came out two weeks ago). Where was I when this memo went out? Check it:


It's routines like this that get me off the couch cheering and clapping. Mind you, the kid comes from the world of ballet. Other things to note while watching this outstanding choreographed number: 1. It's the first time a male competitor has been partnered up with another guy (other than group numbers). 2. Never have I heard the audience chant a dancer's name after a performance. 3. The judges rarely give standing Os, and 4. The. Kid. Comes. From. Ballet. It's also another reason why I love Tabitha and Napoleon (Nappy Tabs, for you regular viewers). Watch the entire thing HERE . Bless you, summer television. H.P.M. P.S. - I want to have lunch with Mia Michaels.