Cleaning Spring

'Tis the season when the days grow warmer, the grass smells fresher, and one can't escape the onslaught of pastels in every window display of the Gap.

Usually I reserve these for summer, but since last Sunday was 90 degrees in LA, Daylight Savings Time came early, and 300 made, ahem, a killing at the box office, why not go ahead and showcase what's currently tickling me that proverbial pink.

March: It's the new June.

1. Christina Aguilera's video for "Candyman"

Why the VMAs keep overlooking her, I have no clue. The vid for her third single off Back to Basics is a technocolorful throwback to 1940s jazzy pop. Love the vibrant homage to the Andrews Sisters. Although, those girls would have never uttered the lyric, "Makes my cherry pop."

2. The Agency on VH1

Behind the fabulously frantic scenes of the Willhelmina Modeling Agency, where the girls are told to be skinnier, the guys are told to get bigger, and the agents slap the shit out of each other...who knew?

3. Mika's "Grace Kelly"

Freddie Mercury married Jake Shears and out popped this shaggy-haired Brit with a flair for kinetic kitsch.

4. Jamelia's "Beware of the Dog"

Yes, that's "Personal Jesus" you hear being sampled. Yes, she's the British Rihanna. No, I don't know what's with the random cattle skull on the wall.

5. Making Fun of/Bashing Ann Coulter

'Nuf said.


The dirt behind American Idol. See why Sanjaya is always safe. See what really goes down at "auditions".


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