Trailer Park: Summer Edition

We're less than 2 months away until the summer movie parade starts blowing up megaplexes across the country. And the trailers for every CGI-filled piece of eye candy keep popping up, teasing us with glimpses of the fantastic (Indiana Jones) and the fabulous (Sex and the City).

Ed Norton steps into the role of THE INCREDIBLE HULK this time around with Liv Tyler by his side and Tim Roth and William Hurt playing the baddies...that's all you need to know, right? Doctor gets angry, turns green, and come June 13 the proverbial shit hits the fan...looks way more fun than the first (sorry, Ang):

But before Hulk punches through theaters, catch Emile Hirsch, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman and Christina Ricci in what may be the most vibrantly colorful film of the year, SPEED RACER, a flick for folk fond of fast cars (whew, say that five times fast). Basically, it looks like the result of a miniature crew filming the inside of a Hot Wheels racetrack toy and turning it into a Nintendo Wii game. Oh, and the most exciting part (for me at least)? Matthew Fox, of course, all sinister and shadowy and shit. May 9, y'all:

And that's not all, kiddies!

It just ain't summer without another Disney-Pixar collaboration. The latest trailer for WALL-E is up, and IT. IS. FRICKIN'. ADORABALE. Finally, a brilliant CGI-animated movie WITHOUT talking animals or dolls (or much dialogue for that matter). Just watch...and fall in love with the cutest piece of scrap metal ever:


Jenny said…
AAAH! I pretty much can't wait for all of those movies.

So excited! :)

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