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Mitsuzuka's Dictionary

prossibly (pross-uh-blee): adverb. a) in both a possible and probable manner. b) by any possibility or probability. c) a combination of 'probably' and 'possibly'. "Are you going to Bob and Mary's swinger party this weekend?" "Prossibly."

Lady Gaga: (lay-dee ga-ga) noun. Pop singer, performance artist and recently titled icon who has had a strong influence on the pop music (and fashion) of the 21st century's second decade and has rejuvenated the state of dance music in general. See: Usher's "DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again," Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart," and the putting-on-the-map of producer RedOne.

Dancing with the Stars: a popular reality-competition television show that thrives on gimmicks, exploiting has-been celebrities and manipulating the American masses. (See also: the TV equivalent of a cheesy cruise ship variety hour; a show no one I know watches).

TMT: acronym, noun. Totally My Type. A declaration, often shared between friends, when one notices a stranger, usually attractive, who fits all the qualities one prefers in a mate. "That cute guy in glasses sitting in the corner of the coffeeshop reading Kerouac is such a TMT."

TYT: acronym, noun. Totally Your Type. A declaration, often shared between friends, when one notices a stranger, usually attractive, who fits all the qualities one's friend prefers in a mate. "That girl in the Red Sox cap and daisy dukes is such a TYT."

slommered (slahm-errd): adjective. a state of drunkenness to the point of being simultaneously sloshed and hammered. "Dude, after those four tequila shots and three vodka tonics, I'm so slommered."

Glee: a scripted American musical dramedy that has eclipsed American Idol as TV's most popular platform on which young adults can win the hearts of millions by belting out covers of beloved standards, showtunes, and pop songs.

maybe (mey-bee): adverb. a response usually given by a person who tends to avoid commitments and flakes out on invitations to parties, special events, and general get-togethers.

flake (flayke): noun. one who frequently uses the word "maybe."

foodgasm (food-gaz-uhm): noun. a) the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of culinary excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the taste buds and usually accompanied by groaning or similar guttural sounds. b) a temporary state of bliss experienced by most foodies.

running latte: expression. showing up late to work due to a detour to Starbucks on your commute to the office.

writer (rahy-ter): noun. every other person one is acquainted with or meets in Los Angeles.


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