The 2020 Oscars: An Ode to the Best Picture Nominees

Roses are red, #Oscars are gold.
1917 is a sight to behold.

While Parasite thrills and Joker upsets,
Award junkies gather to place all their bets.

For on this bright Sunday is an event so big,
But first, some justice for Greta Gerwig...

Little Women is divine, full of feminist glory,
While emotions run high in Baumbach’s Marriage Story.

The Irishman will sadly lose; sorry not sorry,
As will the all-male team from Ford v Ferrari.

Taika and Tarantino may be chomping at the bit,
But the former won’t be winning for Jojo Rabbit.

There will be opinions, and say what you should,
About Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

So let’s sit back and watch and see what’ll unfold,
Even though the Academy’s so white and so old.



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