Goodbye Glendon Avenue

After more than thirteen years, twelve holiday cocktail parties, seven roommates, and one burglary, I have finally left the 90024 and everything else the westside has to offer. Last weekend I became an eastsider -- kind of. There's a one-bedroom with new hardwood floors and kitchen appliances with my name on it, smack dab at the border of Hollywood and Los Feliz. 

The move is definitely bittersweet and has been a long time coming. The memories made on Glendon Avenue are too many to count, so I won't bore you with never-ending paragraphs of sentimental moments. However, after spending a majority of my LA life here, leaving Apartment 103 (during a pandemic AND the year I turned 40, no less) carries the emotional weight that usually comes with the end of a monumental chapter. So perhaps a Top 10 list of the most memorable moments will be appropriate (whenever I have the time to come up with one).

From here on out, my view of the city will be altered and renewed, literally and figuratively. I look forward to walks to Griffith Park (I'm two blocks away from the west entrance). I look forward to trying out every Thai menu in my neighborhood. And I look forward to rediscovering a city I have grown to love wholeheartedly over the last eighteen years. 

Stop by and say hi (with a face mask, of course).


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