UNLEASHED: The 2021 Summer Playlist

The face masks are coming off (for some of you), and there is a certain energy in the air, one that is screaming at the top of its lungs, "Watch out, world! I'm gonna have me a Hot Vax Summer!" This is an energy unlike any other felt at the beginning of the season. These aren't some pent-up feelings from a long, dreary winter. This is more like a life-force that has been suppressed since March 2020, and it. Needs. To. Come. Out. 

While I still advise all of y'all to embrace these new "roaring twenties" with caution, I do suggest that you soak up every moment you're given – and use this as your soundtrack while you do it. 

As usual, be sure to come back and revisit this playlist as I'll be adding more tunes to it over the next several weeks.



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