23 Things To Do in 2023

1. Book my trip to Turks and Caicos (the prize I won on $100,000 Pyramid last summer – humble brag).

2. Continue to be vulnerable. 

3. Buy a bottle of Tobasco Chipotle sauce (that shit's good).

4. Visit New York in the fall. 

5. Say the word "love" more often, particularly when it applies to other human beings in my life.

6. Finish writing The Final Boy (you've probably heard me talk about it ad nauseam; if not, it's the thriller novel I've been working on since 2019).

7. Get a new, bigger couch. My ass has been plopping down on the same one since 2009, and it deserves better. 

8. Go to a concert.

9. Experiment with more colors in my wardrobe.

10. Don't hesitate to say what I want; there's no time like the present to authentically express yourself.

11. Delete Hinge off my phone. #iykyk

12. Be open to more...[swallows, takes a deep breath] karaoke experiences. *I won't sing, of course. But I will sit back and silently judge the drunken fools who go up on stage and add to the noise pollution.

13. Be less judgey.

14. Kick ass and collect donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during my fundraising campaign that starts March 24. (*Link coming soon)

15. Drink more water. 

16. Enjoy more happy hours in L.A. while I'm capable of it.  

17. Meditate.

18. Despite so much loss, grief, disappointment, injustice, horror, and trauma in the world, trust that everything will be alright (at least in my own little corner of the universe). 

19. Restrict my movie theater popcorn intake to once a month. 

20. Listen to Madonna's Ray of Light more often in honor of its 25th anniversary. (It really is that good.)

21. Write more, whatever it is. 

22. Cross more off my to-do lists. 

23. Forgive myself if I don't complete everything on this list. 



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