FRIVOLITY: The 2023 Summer Playlist

Break out the pool floaties.

The Summer of 2023 is the summer I say "yes" to things. Yes to dinner and drinks with acquaintances I haven't seen in years. Yes to an FYC event where I get to meet one of my favorite actresses. Yes to a trip to Palm Springs, San Francisco, and anywhere else that requires a simple weekend tote. Yes to participating in a fundraising campaign that is humbling, inspiring, and life-affirming all at once...

Saying yes to everything keeps reminding me that there is only so much time to experience and enjoy everything that you can say yes to. And we might as well have a kickass soundtrack to accompany the fun. My summer gift to you is this 3-plus-hour-long playlist chock-full of both new tunes and bonus flashback tracks that will have you saying...well, "yes." 


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