Song of the Month: Zee Machine & Bentley Robles's "Anyone But Him"

As I carefully curate my 2024 summer playlist, there's one track that has been a no-brainer for me, finding itself automatically added to a collection of tunes that aims to make the season sexy again. 

The song is "Anyone But Him," a collaboration between two queer artists who are currently touring in the UK after a successful run in the States. (They were here in LA just over a week ago.) Zee Machine is an electro-pop-rock musician who gave us the empowering "Good Boy" earlier this year (a song Dua Lipa wishes she had on Radical Optimism), and Bentley Robles is a Latinx synth-pop artist birthed from New York City's underground scene. Together, they have released an emotionally and sonically hard-hitting jam that explores – brace yourself – open relationships. 

Listen (and then hit replay because you know you'll want to):


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