SIN'TILL8: The 2024 Summer Playlist

Everyone's looking for that one summer song to help them get through the seasonal heatwaves and make some cool memories. Well, here are more than 40 contenders for you to choose from. 

If you ask me, this is the Summer of Chappell Roan, and the proof is in the three appearances she makes on my 2024 playlist. From her new single, the irresistible "Good Luck Babe," and the pep-squad-ready "Hot To Go" to the rollicking "Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl," the 26-year-old is soaring to pop superstardom and quickly becoming one of my Pop Culture Saviors of the year. And not too far behind her is British electro-pop tart Florrie, tickling my ears with "Never Far From Paradise," "Kissing in the Cold," and "Looking for Love." (Trust me.)

Go ahead, press play, and tell me what you think:



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