September 10, 2007

The VMAs: Your Responses

Looks like I spoke for everyone who had functioning eyes and ears...(the last one speaks for itself):

From Laura K:
"you wrote this!? Its perfect. basically sums up everything i thought when i watched that dreadful show last night. "hot mess" (in a bad way, not sexual) is a good way to describe it, but it was staged poorly. I didn't know what the hell i was watching...dark rooms, foggy hotel rooms, logically a nightmare! don't get me started on the 'performances'.

and last but not least, my roommates and i wept over how mtv is a disgrace and has killed rock and roll, and all appreciation of music for our generation, and those to come..."

From Denise:
"You've enrolled a new fan! Very well written.. and of course humorous. I didn't watch it but you painted a clear, horrifying picture lol."

From Xaque G:
"Hiko ~ YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!!! Again, I am SO impressed with your accuracy (and speed) in delivering your assessment of the VMAs.

Watching it, I found myself stranging longing for the 1980s when Video Artists like a-Ha and Peter Gabriel were making artistic statements in the music video medium and people actually cared. At one point I was craving to see an actual music video and switched to The Tube (which plays great music videos 24-7) and there was Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" - so fresh 25 yrs later...the wandering cows, the flaming orange was a breath of fresh air.

I switched back to the VMAs and I was so exhausted by the disjointed-ness, I went to bed. For a second I thought maybe it was me falling out of touch with things, but then I read your blog and was relieved it wasnt just me. ha!"

From Cheri W:
"Once again you nailed it. Alicia Keys was the ONLY saving grace of that show. At least she can actually sing... Chris Brown – nothing but a male pop tart that I’m waiting to hurry up and fall off once his voice finally changes. Poor Britney... Chris Rock said it best. In 3 to 5 years she can come back with a great accoustic album of plaintive Alanis like songs and maybe make a respectable comeback. Until then, she needs to sit down and shut up!"

From Alicia V:
"Hiko, you are just brilliant! I love that I don't have cable and didn't see the VMAs and I can picture it! God, was Britney THAT bad that YouTube took it down? That was the only way I was going to get to see it :("

From Chris C:


Jenny said...

You Tube took Brit's video down? I saw it yesterday.

I'm wondering if we all thought it was horrible (I didn't watch, but I've seen a few You Tube clips) because of our age? Perhaps the tween and teen MTVers loved it and we're all just old-fogeys?

If so, that makes me sad. :( I think I'd rather that the show was just a mess!

Cynic The Infotainer said...

It was so lame and an insult to the audience!

Did you see my spoof of Chris Crocker on youtube?

(I know, now everybody has one, but mine was posted a week ago)

if you haven't...


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