The VMAs: Your Responses

Looks like I spoke for everyone who had functioning eyes and ears...(the last one speaks for itself):

From Laura K:
"you wrote this!? Its perfect. basically sums up everything i thought when i watched that dreadful show last night. "hot mess" (in a bad way, not sexual) is a good way to describe it, but it was staged poorly. I didn't know what the hell i was watching...dark rooms, foggy hotel rooms, logically a nightmare! don't get me started on the 'performances'.

and last but not least, my roommates and i wept over how mtv is a disgrace and has killed rock and roll, and all appreciation of music for our generation, and those to come..."

From Denise:
"You've enrolled a new fan! Very well written.. and of course humorous. I didn't watch it but you painted a clear, horrifying picture lol."

From Xaque G:
"Hiko ~ YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!!! Again, I am SO impressed with your accuracy (and speed) in delivering your assessment of the VMAs.

Watching it, I found myself stranging longing for the 1980s when Video Artists like a-Ha and Peter Gabriel were making artistic statements in the music video medium and people actually cared. At one point I was craving to see an actual music video and switched to The Tube (which plays great music videos 24-7) and there was Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" - so fresh 25 yrs later...the wandering cows, the flaming orange was a breath of fresh air.

I switched back to the VMAs and I was so exhausted by the disjointed-ness, I went to bed. For a second I thought maybe it was me falling out of touch with things, but then I read your blog and was relieved it wasnt just me. ha!"

From Cheri W:
"Once again you nailed it. Alicia Keys was the ONLY saving grace of that show. At least she can actually sing... Chris Brown – nothing but a male pop tart that I’m waiting to hurry up and fall off once his voice finally changes. Poor Britney... Chris Rock said it best. In 3 to 5 years she can come back with a great accoustic album of plaintive Alanis like songs and maybe make a respectable comeback. Until then, she needs to sit down and shut up!"

From Alicia V:
"Hiko, you are just brilliant! I love that I don't have cable and didn't see the VMAs and I can picture it! God, was Britney THAT bad that YouTube took it down? That was the only way I was going to get to see it :("

From Chris C:


Jenny said…
You Tube took Brit's video down? I saw it yesterday.

I'm wondering if we all thought it was horrible (I didn't watch, but I've seen a few You Tube clips) because of our age? Perhaps the tween and teen MTVers loved it and we're all just old-fogeys?

If so, that makes me sad. :( I think I'd rather that the show was just a mess!
It was so lame and an insult to the audience!

Did you see my spoof of Chris Crocker on youtube?

(I know, now everybody has one, but mine was posted a week ago)

if you haven't...


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