TRAILER PARK: Iron Pants Edition

Recently announced Hot in Hollywood host America Ferrera co-stars in this summer's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants know, the sequel to that girly novel adaptation that made a bunch of money three years ago?

The girls, er ladies, are back. By the looks of the irresistible trailer (below), which makes the whole thing seem a little Sex and the City Lite, more pants are worn, more boys get shirtless, more gorgeous locales are visited, and more life lessons are inevitably learned as romance blossoms around them. Just might be the guilty pleasure of the summer for the 25+ crowd.

But before you overdose on all that estrogen, overdose on some...well, testosterone. A second Ironman trailer has been released, and Robert Downey Jr. kicks more ass with his supersuit and supersarcasm. He's a weapons developer who gets held hostage, gathers some scrap metal together and then beats the living crap out of the bad guys who done him wrong - all while flirting with Gwyneth Paltrow (yeah, she's actually doing an action pic now - say goodbye to those fake British accents) and exchanging glares with Terence Howard and a bald Jeff Bridges. Get blown away May 2:


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