Random Thought of the Week #8

Possibly the worst most annoying episode of The View. Ever.

Notice how...

a) the show has been taped for sweeps at the ABC studios in L.A. (a Disney lot).
b) Miley Cyrus (a Disney star) is plugging her autobiography (at age 16, no less), talking about how hard it was being bullied in the 6th grade (say it ain't so) and how she kept all of the details of her life "vague" for the book. Because that's exactly why people read bios - to enjoy generalizations and the maneuverings around sensitive, potentially juicy subjects.
c) the ladies' wardrobe versus what MC is wearing. The temperature in L.A. that morning? Chilly, in the low-60s.
d) Miley's confusion as to why she was never cast in leading roles in her school's drama club...Um, maybe because the other girls were talented?

But hey, at least the girl wasn't chewing bubblegum during the interview.



Jenny said…
Despite the fact that she hasn't lived enough to write an autobiography (and what she has lived has been that of a rich girl), it'll still sell and be a hit I bet.

Jenny said…
By the way - I don't think she said "like" or "you know" enough.

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