My Trip to Peru: A Case of Vacation Photo Revenge

For years now, I have endured dozens and dozens of Facebook posts from friends who are more than happy to share photos from their fabulous vacations, "business trips," or getaway weekends. You know the kind -- those snapshots of the picture taker's legs with a pool in the background...or that hot couple showing off their Speedos off the coast of Mykonos.

Well, it's about time I jump on that bandwagon and serve up some jealousy-inducing pics from my recent 10-day excursion in Peru...

Machu Picchu: Soaking it all in.
Ollantaytambo: the Incans sure knew how to do cardio.

The circles of Moray. 
I found my throne.
Machu Picchu: consider my jaw dropped.
5 Americans + 1 Canadian + 1 Puerto Rican = 1 amazing group
The city Cusco (had to crop out the Starbucks on the right)

Of course there's more where these came from. And I wouldn't know where to begin in describing one of the most amazing experiences of my life. (Alpaca for dinner! Hiking over salt flats! Being serenaded by a shaman!) It will all be chronicled in a future travel feature or two. 

Stay tuned.


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