Pop Culture Rant of the Week: Witch is the New Vamp

Nothing is sacred.

Those three words couldn't be any truer the longer one lives and works in the pop-culture-regurgitating machine that is Hollywood. Why? Well...

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hocus Pocus two weeks ago with a bowl of popcorn in bed on a Friday night, I have now learned that Disney is toying with the idea of a sequel. Teenagers of the 90s, proceed to geek out.

Then there's the Charmed reboot over at CBS. Because no one remembers a long-running show that ended, oh, seven frickin' years ago. Alyssa Milano, you have every right to be pissed.

Meanwhile, Lifetime's Witches of East End seems to be enjoying its premiere season, and FX's American Horror Story: Coven is proving to be one hell of a ride (two words: Minotaur sex).

Poor ABC. They must be kicking themselves for prematurely canceling Eastwick a couple of seasons ago.



Jenn said…
A "Charmed" reboot? Really??? That seems like... Not a great idea.

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