5 Things About My Favorite Episode of 'The Facts of Life'

"Seven Little Indians" is the name of a Season 8 episode of The Facts of Life that first aired on January 3, 1987. Not only does the title refer to my favorite murder mystery of all-time, Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (also known as Ten Little Indians), it also describes the situation the gang finds themselves in after coming home from a late-night showing of a slasher movie called The Halloween Hacker 3: Part VI, A New Beginning, Dave Returns...Again.

Needless to say, as a child who was infatuated with horror films (still am), I was drawn to this particular episode like no other and fondly remember it for the following...

1. The Rod Serling impersonator who narrates the episode is played by Maurice LaMarche, a Canadian voice actor who was born the day before my birthday...and has worked on The Real Ghostbusters and Futurama.

2. SPOILER ALERT #1: The whole thing is a dream within a dream. Dare I say Christopher Nolan was inspired to write Inception after seeing this as a wee lad in his native London?

3. Natalie gets strangled by a pair of fuzzy dice. This became a running inside joke all throughout my elementary school years. All you have to say is "Natalie" and "fuzzy dice," and I guarantee some of my generation will reply with a resounding "Yaaaaaassss!" (as seen on a recent Facebook status update of mine)

4. Mackenzie Astin (who plays little Andy here) is a follower of mine on Twitter.

5. SPOILER ALERT #2: Blair is revealed to be the killer. And the amount the hair spray used in this episode is unfathomable.

That all said, enjoy...and one more thing: Tootie.


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