Since November 1996, I've Watched 1,000 Movies (in Theaters)

As some of you know, I've been collecting movie ticket stubs for nearly 18 years, but I've also kept track of the movies I've seen in theaters. Since November 3, 1996, I've kept a log book of what I've watched -- you can sample it here.

And as of May 2, 2014, I hit a milestone. The movie that holds the honor of being my 1000th movie is...

...drumroll please...

Cameron Diaz's The Other Woman. For what it's worth, it could've been worse, like the embarrassingly disappointing The Love Punch starring Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan.

As I write this, the current tally actually stands at 1,004.

Am I proud? Perhaps I am. Did I waste a crapload of money at the multiplex on some stinkers? I certainly have, but for the past several years, nearly half of the films I see each year are free (factoring in premieres, press screenings, and film festival binges). Not all is lost.

At this rate, I'll be hitting my next milestone (2,000!) sometime in the year 2029, by which I'm sure I'll be anticipating the umpteenth reboot of Godzilla or X-Men.

Hey, you never know.



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