Foxes' "Friends in the Corner": An Anthem for Pandemic Ennui

"Everybody's looking like they need someone..." 

And so goes the chorus in "Friends in the Corner," the latest single from Foxes, the British singer-songwriter responsible for (in my opinion) the best pop song of 2015

Anyway, after surviving our first Summer of COVID (I say "first" because, given recent developments, it looks like a widespread vaccine won't be avail until late 2021), we have an anthem that taps into the many conflicting emotions that many of us have been dealing with during these past six months. 

This gorgeous, mid-tempo track was originally written in remembrance of a loved one, but given the way 2020 keeps rolling out the punches (RIP R.B.G.), the lyrics have taken on a devastating double meaning, diving deep into themes of nostalgia, longing, and overall melancholy. 

And when you're done watching the heartbreaking video, check out the beautiful acoustic version.



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