Christopher Pike Dragged R.L. Stine on Twitter and 13-Year-Old Me is Geeking Out

If you don't recognize the two names in the above headline, then you clearly did not come of age in the 90s as a budding horror fan...

UPDATED: Back in December of 2020, R.L. Stine, the world-famous author of nearly a hundred scary novels for kids and young adults (and one of my literary idols), tweeted a photo of himself with a corny caption that truly demonstrated his dad joke game. The picture showed the 77-year-old writer sitting at his desk, announcing himself as the winner of a fake award:

Then, at the beginning of the new year, Christopher Pike (real name: Kevin McFadden), the other young-adult novelist who also dominated teen bookshelves during the same decade (and elusive object of my journalistic obsession back in 2011), replied with a fun jab at Stine, sharing his own win.

9:10am UPDATE: And Stine clapped back!!!

Needless to say, if this were 1993, my younger and much geekier self would spontaneously combust from a massive nerdgasm after seeing these two so-called rivals interact with each other. 

Oh, who am I kidding? My 40-year-old ass let out an appropriate cackle (or was it a fart?) when I caught this last night in the middle of watching the tense results of the runoff elections in Georgia. 

As a result of this fun, little discovery, I'd like to request a collaboration between these two writers. Although they both have very different sensibilities when it comes to teen horror fiction, I wonder if there's a way to bring them together on a project.

Cut to: me reaching out to my agent...



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