Searching for Christopher Pike, Part 2

God bless Facebook. My blog entry and video from earlier this month, honoring the literary idol who had quite the impact on my life as a writer and an all-around bookworm, generated a few reactions and comments online, most notably this one:
  As you may recall, Kevin McFadden is the real name behind the pseudonym Christopher Pike, the reclusive author responsible for dozens of young-adult novels that kept a generation of readers in suspense and entertained. The moment I found this message in my FB inbox my jaw dropped. Could it be? Had he seen the link I posted on his fanpage? Naturally, I had my doubts and feared an impostor setting me up for humiliation. And then there was this (click on it for a closer look)...
...followed by this response:
This could possibly set a personal record for being the most geeked-out in my life. More so than the time I waited in line with J.J. Abrams at a sushi buffet during the afterparty for the Revenge of the Sith premiere. More so than the time I shook hands with Alanis Morrisette at Barnes & Noble back in the summer of 2004. More so than the time I interviewed Wes Craven on the red carpet for the Scream Awards at the Greek Theater... Truly. Not. Worthy. 



Jenny said…
That's awesome Hiks!! Good luck! Fingers crossed. :)
Anonymous said…
You are the luckiest person in the world to get a chance to talk with Pike. He is my all time favorite author. I didn't like Sci-fi and then I read a sci-fi book by him and it was amazing. I didn't like adult mystery/thriller type books and then I read FALLING and it was amazing. I swear, this man could get me to read anything. His writing is so unique and thought-provoking. I could only hope to be half as good as him one day.

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