Rapid Movie Reviews: February 2023

Magic Mike's Last Dance - The bromantic camaraderie is sorely missing in the third and final chapter of this trilogy which finds our titular dancer going to London to pull a Burlesque with Salma Hayek Pinault's rich woman with rich woman problems. Stay for the epic opening lap dance, leave for the flat story in the middle, and then come back for the electric finale performance.

Missing - A parent's worst nightmare gets reversed when a mother (Nia Long) disappears on a trip with her new boyfriend, and her daughter (Storm Reid) must follow the trail of social media breadcrumbs to find her. The film is an adequately twisty and tense ride, using innovative screen techniques and every possible digital platform in existence in nearly every scene – which is basically a Boomer's worst nightmare. 

Cocaine Bear - A synth-tastic score by Mark Mothersbaugh and one thrilling ambulance chase scene can't totally save Elizabeth Banks's horror-comedy about a coked-up apex predator terrorizing a Tennessee state park. An overstuffed character list and an imbalanced tone turns what should've been an A-plus B-movie...into a simple B movie. 

Knock at the Cabin - M. Night Shyamalan's latest thriller isn't perfect, but the final argument between Eric (a terrific Ben Aldridge for whom there aren't enough fire emojis) and Andrew (Jonathan Groff) is an interesting portrayal of a particular family's perspective on the end of the world that deserves more discussion.

80 for Brady - Rita Moreno is the MVP in this senior version of Girls Trip which is loaded with enough broad comedy for its three other main broads (Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Sally Field). The Mom Movie of 2023.



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