Rapid Movie Reviews: March 2023

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - I would have preferred watching Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer trade barbs in an intergalactic version of Romancing the Stone. There are only so many times I can witness Paul Rudd Paul Rudd his way out of a jam at this point in my moviegoing existence. Could we at least get a spinoff movie about the Freedom Fighters in the Quantum Realm? (Hi, William Jackson Harper and Katy O-Brian.)

Scream VI - Bring on the "Ghostface Takes Manhattan" jokes. I can take it, because this sequel was a much-needed jolt after last year's "requel" that attempted to rejuvenate the slasher franchise. Featuring one of the best openings of the series, Scream VI is brutal with its kills but silly with its treatment of beloved characters as pin cushions.

65 - After 90 minutes of minimal dialogue, derivative daddy-daughter issues, and a bunch of Jurassic World rejects, you may also find yourself asking in the end: Why was this movie made? Wait until this is running on FX on a weekend afternoon two years from now.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - I didn't think I'd laugh out loud at the sight of a fat dragon, but here we are. Also: the most fun I had watching Hugh Grant be a pathetically despicable villain. 


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