I hate celery (as most of you already know).

I hate that I am rejoicing over the price of gas falling below four dollars per gallon.

I hate that the writers strike has prompted Warner Bros to rip the heart out of the 2008 holiday movie season by shuffling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to July 17, 2009.

I hate all of those ridiculous and useless applications on Facebook (F**k off, I do not want to be invited to your little Vampire party, and I do not need a little flirty face telling me I'm hot - I have the drunk tranny at the corner of Santa Monica and La Cienega to tell me that, thankyouveddymuch).

I hate the Robertson Boulevard exit off the 10 Freeway because of its one-laned ramp that can easily be transformed into two lanes allowing traffic to flow more smoothly into Culver City.

I'm starting to hate how this town can make 28 feel so old so quickly (but no hate on the town itself).

I hate how vain some housewives of a particular ethnicity can be when they come to the gym having done their hair and make-up - only to barely sweat it off with a ten-minute stationary bike ride while reading Us Weekly.

I hate how, as you get older, work and other commitments prevent you from seeing the friends you used to see at least once a week (you're now lucky to see them for at least an hour out of the month).

I hate how I was never taught how to properly manage finances in college. Coincidentally, I hate how most of my peers still have to suffer from severe debt because they were never educated on the manipulative machinations of student loans and credit card institutions.

I hate the rampant hypocrisy and religious overtones that have saturated politics throughout our country (ahem, Sarah Palin*, cough).

I hate how Trick 'R Treat, a movie I've been waiting to see for over a year, is now going straight to DVD.

I hate that the second season DVD of Knots Landing hasn't been scheduled for a release yet.

I hate that it took me over a week to finish this.


*Someone needs to cut the brakes on that condescending c**t's car.


Anonymous said…
I loved this <3
Jenny said…
Aw! So hateful. But understandable. And I am excited to read your Twits, even if I refuse to join. :)

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